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API Reference

The Social API is a REST API for getting social share counts & follower counts from the majority of popular social platforms in the world.

The API is authenticated by passing an Authorization header containing your API key with your request.

Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY

Retrieve social share counts for a URL using the /shares endpoint.


Parameter Description
url (required) The URL of the page you want to fetch the social shares for.
providers (required) A comma seperated list of provider IDs to get the share count from.
callback (optional) The JavaScript callback to execute (for JSONP).


GET /shares?providers=facebook,google,twitter&url= HTTP/1.1
Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY

Which returns the following:

  "shares": {
    "facebook": 473897,
    "google": 86494,
    "twitter": 122435
  "total": 682826,
  "url": ""


Provider ID
Google+ google
Facebook facebook
Baidu baidu
Qzone qzone
Reddit reddit
Twitter twitter
VK vk
Sina Weibo weibo
LinkedIn linkedin
Odnoklassniki odnoklassniki mailru
Tumblr tumblr
Pinterest pinterest
Pocket pocket
Hatena hatena
Hacker News hackernews
Wykop wykop
Renren renren
Xing xing scoopit
StumbleUpon stumbleupon
Mixi mixi
Buffer buffer
Yummly yummly
Diigo diigo nk
Kaixin001 kaixin001
Draugiem draugiem
Surfingbird surfingbird
Fancy fancy
BibSonomy bibsonomy
Delicious delicious vkrugudruzei
BizSugar bizsugar
DesignFloat designfloat
Blog Engage blogengage
Svejo svejo
Pusha pusha
moShare moshare

Enable Twitter Count

Twitter counts are retrieved using To enable them please visit and register your website (it’s free).

Follower counts for social profiles are retrieved using the /followers endpoint.

Important: follower counts are still in BETA and the response format is likely to change in the near future.


Pass all the social profiles for which you’d like to request the follower count to the API as GET parameters, using the provider ID as the parameter name and your profile username, ID or URL as the value.


In the following example we’re fetching the follower counts for Twitter & Facebook.

GET /followers?twitter=abemedia&facebook=abemedia HTTP/1.1
Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY

Heads up: you can also use profile URLs instead of usernames/IDs e.g. /followers?twitter=abemedia is the same as /followers?twitter=

Which returns the following:

  "followers": {
    "facebook": 101,
    "twitter": 529
  "total": 630


Provider ID
Google+ google
YouTube youtube
Facebook facebook
Twitter twitter
Instagram instagram
Twitch twitch
Github github
Tumblr tumblr
Pinterest pinterest
SoundCloud soundcloud
Spotify spotify
Vimeo vimeo
Steam steam
Medium medium
Flickr flickr
Behance behance
Bitbucket bitbucket
Dribbble dribbble
Envato envato
Foursquare foursquare
MixCloud mixcloud
Typepad typepad
Flipboard flipboard
Meneame meneame
Diigo diigo
Vine vine
Forrst forrst
Delicious delicious
folkd folkd