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Frequently Asked Questions

Which social networking services do you currently support?

Google+, Facebook, Baidu, Qzone, Twitter, VK, Reddit, Sina Weibo, LinkedIn,, Odnoklassniki, Tumblr, Pinterest, Pocket, Hatena,, Renren, Xing, Hacker News, Mixi, Wykop, Buffer, StumbleUpon, Kaixin001, Yummly,, Diigo, Surfingbird, Draugiem, Fancy, Delicious, BibSonomy,, BizSugar, DesignFloat, Blog Engage, Pusha, Svejo & moShare

How do you get the share count data?

We query the social platforms directly.

How long do you cache the share counts for?

The data is cached on CloudFlare’s CDN for up to an hour.

What’s your stack?

The share buttons are written in vanilla JavaScript. The share counts are fetched via our Social API which is written in Go, hosted on dedicated servers running Ubuntu 14.04 and uses CloudFlare’s CDN for caching.

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